Activities and Difficulty Level

Our Oregon Wine Adventure is a multisport adventure including hiking, canoeing, and bike riding - all in and near the vineyards and designed for people of all ability levels.

Hiking - what we call Vineyard Walks - is one of the best ways to know the real wine country.  Vineyard Walks allow us to stay active, meet local growers, and be intimate with the vineyard processes.  An ideal walk starts at a winery with a conversation with the owner or winemaker and tasting of the wines before we walk through the vineyards to another winery. We combine up to three wineries and five separate vineyards in one walk. Most often we are accompanied on our walk by a winery employee.

The canoeing on our Oregon Wine Adventure takes place on the Willamette River.  We canoe with the current for several hours, enjoying the passing scenery, before stopping for lunch and a tasting at VX Vineyard, located right on the water with its own boat dock.  The biking takes place in the Hood River Valley, where we have two options: a short route that is mostly a downhill cruise and a longer option that includes a beautiful paved trail along the Columbia River.

Our Vineyard Walks are not difficult, no experience is necessary for the canoeing, and the biking can be as easy or difficult as you wish. Our goal is to make the activities easy enough for everyone but to have extra options for those who want a workout. This adventure is for everyone.