About The Group

Many of our participants are nervous about a "group tour". We pride ourselves on turning this reluctance on its head.  In fact, it is common on our post-trip surveys for people to tell us meeting other wine adventurers was one of the best parts of the vacation.

We'll take partial credit for the success of our groups. We don't walk around with a flag in the air for all of you to follow.  You can choose to hike or bike at your own pace or even skip an activity to hang out at the pool. We try not to insulate you by removing the "adventure" from adventure travel.

However, our participants themselves are the biggest reason for the success of our groups.  By the nature of the trip, we usually get fun, outgoing people interested in both wine and activity. The groups are a mix of couples, friends, and solo travelers of all ages and you should never feel uncomfortable signing up for a trip on your own.